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The New Day 1

So…..long story short I have trained, attempted to train for races many times over the last two years, but funny thing about grad school…..it SUCKS YOUR TIME AND SOUL!!!!!! 🙂  But seriously, it is very difficult for me to train much above 5 quality miles when my sleep patterns are all outta wack and after long days of staring at a computer sometimes 3 miles is all I have in me.  But I want a half marathon under my belt and there is no day like today.

    Today’s Agenda:

  • Lunch (I’m feeling an open-faced egg sandwich with avacado and berries on the side)
  • Research paper reading (perhaps in the park?!?!?!)
  • Stress about actually being able to complete the first part of my thesis before the 2nd week in july
  • tempo run ( I need a base value to gage my hard days vs my light days)
  • dinner (stay posted, who knows what I’ll come up with)
  • SOCCER GAME!!!!!  Its my all women’s league tonight, so so much fun.
  • hanging out with the MR i suppose  😉

Its father’s day this weekend….anyone have big plans?


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Runner’s World!

Today was a proud day…I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to Runner’s World Magazine.  If you’ve never picked this one up you really should.  Even if you aren’t big into running the stories are great, there is always exercise gear reviews and nutrition advice.  I love it.  I have been running for about 5 years now.  Completing a few 5k’s and one half marathon.  However, I haven’t been very serious about getting any further yet (it is very difficult to keep consistant training while going to school and working full time).  But my goal is to train for another half marathon this summer and stay in shape throughout the fall to continue on with races.  What better motivator than a magazine that is literally like a treat for me?  I am a firm believer that whatever keeps you motivated should be used.

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Hello All~

I hope everyone had a healthy, productive weekend.  Mine was spent on homework and sleeping (the life of a grad student).  I did, however, manage to get into two long runs and a great bike ride on the local path (YAY for warmer weather).

A recent class discussion raised the point that many undergraduates fall into very unhealthy lifestyles once they enter college (alcohol and pizza aside), the main point focusing on exercise.  So often our society’s youth takes advantage of organized sports to keep them fit.  Youth often join sports because they are gifted at them and their friends are doing it.  The coachs tell them when, how, and how intense to workout.  The students themselves have to put no thought into what they are doing or how it is off-setting their eating habits to help them stay slim.  And then…..

BAM!!! College.  There is tons to do, so many people to see, added course work, temptation, and metabolizm changes.  Now, I’m not going to focus on undergraduates, they’ll learn through experience how to balance that stuff.  But the topic that stays with all of us is gaining the knowledge of fitness for ourselves, without someone telling us how intense or what type of activity.

Here’s is the kicker, I don’t think lack of knowledge is an acceptable excuse.  There are hundreds of people who have this training knowledge and for a small profit will share it with you.  And luck for us, if you know where to look there are even places to get free advice.

Through my coursework and different trainings I know how hard to take my body for fitness and training, but I’ve come to utilize some of these free programs every-so-often to spice things up.  And, I can always take  tips and apply them to my clients and my personal life.  So…….

I am entering the Marine Corps Fitness cardio and calisthenics.  It is a free fitness routine through their website (marinecorpsfitness.com).  They have some free programs like this one and some others you can pay for, but nonetheless these are actual programs used in the US military (not have bad eh?)  I’ve choosen this one because I run a few half marathons in the summer as well as some smaller races, for this reason I need my cardio to stay up, but I’m not too concerned with lifting.  This program also offers some muscle toning using self-body weight moves.

Question:  What do you do to gain knowledge or challenge your workouts?

Challenge: Change a part of your daily workout to something new, worst case senario is you don’t like it and you change it back.

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Hello All~

So probably the greatest advantage of being in graduate school is being around all of this research (and professors that LOVE to talk about their area).  I shouldn’t make fun of them, they are making profound impacts on science.  One wonderful professor and I were discussing vitamin supplementation.  She asked my take on it, I shyly responded with my daily muli-vitamin and an extra 1000 IU of vitamin D.  She smiled and asked me why I take so much vitamin D (usually we get most of this through sun synthesis in the skin, our food has very, very little vitamin D).  I told her that I felt better when I take it with higher energy, get sick less, better skin, etc.  She told me that I was on the right track.

She has spend her research looking at vitamin D status in all sorts of people and has found links in many disease states, low bone density, tons of stuff.  Actually, her and her research team are working to get the classification changed.  Researchers now think it is much more important than a vitamin, instead it is vital to proper metabolism with in the body.  (ie- without it lots of stuff starts to go wrong).  They also think that the current recommendations for vitamin D are much too low, and instead advise people to get about 2000 IU a day during winter months and about 1500 IU in the summer (if time is spent outside).  WOW!!

Challenge.  Calculate your vitamin D intake (this will be only if you get supplements) and add about 100 IU for each 1/2 hour spent in DIRECT sunlight.  Supplement the rest to get you close to 2000 IU and stay tuned to your body.  Do you feel better, get sick less, less unexplained aches and pains (maybe during digestion, exercise, etc)?  I’m willing to bet you stick with this for a few months and you’ll see/feel an improvement.

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