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OK, OK, OK.  I know I said no internet, but today was just worth documenting and sharing.

First off, I FOUND my ID card for the gym.  Thank goodness, I am in some serious need of toning.

Then, my department’s accountant called my office to tell me she FOUND $1,200 that I was supposed to be paid earlier in the summer for teaching classes but wasn’t.  WOO HOO, free money.

And Jamiers is making me dinner tonight and Georgie is making me popcorn shrimp on Sunday.  I have the best friends in the world 🙂

Breakfast was fast this morning was basic and fast.  I really needed to get my butt into the office pronto.

Granola with farmer's market strawberries and vanilla silk 🙂

I am sad to report that lunch was skipped (very very VERY rare for me) due to unplanned meetings and one very temperamental computer.  I grabbed a chewy granola bar from the labs cupboard to tie me over.  And the rumor is Jamie is making me a turkey and veggie melt sandwich tonight 🙂  what a good friend.  Hope everyone’s day is going well.


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Hello All~

I hope the week is going well.  I am sad to report that my thesis is not going well and because of this I am cutting myself from the internet until some great strides have been taken :(.  But hopefully it will not take too long as I have some very excitng this going on soon to document and pass along.

  • Brooks & Dunn Concert!!
  • Purchasing my first pair of boots!?!?!?! (this has been a topic I have kicked around for weeks now.  I really want them and feel somewhat correct in buying them because I am a country girl and will always be.  And since hanging out with MR  I have been attending many more rodeos and other events, plus hopefully his bareback riding career will begin soon (here’s hoping babe) and I’ll need them.  But I don’t own a horse (yet!) nor do I live on a ranch currently….so topic still up for debate)
  • A camping trip with Georgie and my bestest friend Nana 😉
  • Trip to Ohio to see the fam
  • Trip to San Diego for the wedding extraviganza and a road trip that promises some memories.

A few days ago MR so gracefully pointed out that it seems as if I am always ready to eat AGAIN!  I replied that I am simply a Hungry Hungry Hippp :).  When retelling the story to Jamiers (my bestest friend made in my adult life) she asked what I really eat in a typical day.  I decided it would be a good thing to share.  About 2 years ago I was strugglying with managing the amount of nutrients I know my body needs and 3 square meals.  I embraced the mindset that grazing (healthfully) might work for me.  Thus far it really does help me to meet my goals without feeling too full, the only real issue is when eating with others constantly (such as trips or vacations) because I often eat smaller portions but am hungry within 2 hours again.  So here is a typical day, let me know if you have any questions:

Breakfast (needs to be filling for me to make it in the morning)

I used to hate eating in the morning, until I got into the habit.  I usually have something high in fiber and protein to fill me up.  Oatmeal is a staple and sometimes cereal.  Have you ever tried overnight oats? AMAZING!!! Post to come.

Fruit is always in my morning snack, sometimes yogurt or cheese if I feel like more protein is needed.

Lunch MUST be large. With days usually longer than 14 hours I need the fuel to last.

I’m currently addicted to wraps and sandwiches.  Ever since I learned to make my own hummas (recipe to come) and can simply have veggies, legumes, and sometimes cheese onhand they are really easy to prep and carry to work.  I have more fruit and a salad either with lunch or shortly after, about 45 minutes or so.

Carb Load!!

A small snack is usual for the afternoon, mostly because I am usually going to the gym soon and I can not exercise with food in my stomach :(.  So I keep it light.


Dinner is always a mystery.  Mostly because this is the only social time I have in my crazy grad school life, so my meals will depend on who my company is, dining in or out, and time of the meal.  I try to keep protein high and veggies a must.  But usually I allow a little more wiggle room for dinner.  I like cheese and dressings, and I gotta let loose somehow right?  Tonight I believe pasta with salmon and pesto and a side salad with my new favorite dressing Wish Bone Basalmic Itailian YUMMM!

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Hello All~

I hope your weeks are rounding out nicely.  I’m doing pretty well.  Other than the big storm today….I can’t find my gym card.  See the problem is that I haven’t used it in over a month (no I’m not that lazy, I just have been taking advantage of the great weather and running outside).  But I’m wanting to hit the weights again (tone, tone, tone) but alas I can not find my ID.  Wish me luck because I will be tearing apart my house this evening.

So possibly one of the best parts of becoming an RD is that we are pretty much required to know what kind of information regular jo’s are getting about diet and exercise.  I had a professor that described it as “preparation to combat strong ways of thinking”.  Basically, the media lies to all of you….a lot.  I shouldn’t be so angry with them, usually the message they send does start from a new study or professional thoughts, but they try to mainstream it, simplify it.  The result is a message missing half the pieces and many people take this advice to heart and can’t be swayed easily.

The reason I bring this up is there was a wonderful article in Shape magazine last month that highlighted real women who used means to measure their fitness progress OTHER THAN THE SCALE!  I really liked this idea.  Especially if women are introducing healthy eating, cardio and weight training at the same time.  Weight loss isn’t guaranteed, fat loss is but there will be weight gain in muscle mass. 

I personally weigh myself to know and to keep myself in a range.  I know how much I should weight and how much muscle I am building so I know what my weight range should be, but I don’t go crazy if I’ve gained or lost 5lbs or so.  My favorite way of keeping myself in check is clothing fit…..what is your favorite?  Do you find it more encouraging than the scale?

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Picture Promise!

Hello All~

  • How is the day going?  Its rather dark and gloomy here today, but it makes it a bit easier to be inside typing my thesis (clearly because I’m blogging lol).  But honesty, the thesis process has been draining my brain 😦  I just need to power through, which is also kinda hard when the MR is much more fun to hang out with.
  • It was his birthday weekend and also the town’s large summer celebration.  Both of his sisters came up to visit and we hit the town hard.  I think he had a blast or atleast that is what he told me over and over again (not gonna lie it feels pretty good to give him the best birthday thus far with a girlfriend).
  • We are also headed to WATERWORLD!!!! I am not one to love hanging out in the sun all day and having millions of strangers look at me in a bathing suit.  But ya know what?  I love rides and thrills and having fun (plus I’ve lost about 10 lbs so hopefully I’ll be a little more comfortable).

My newest vow is to start taking more pictures of everything.  I am not to sure that I’m ready to take pictures of all my food yet, but I do some really fun things constantly and I would love to document them.  Someone hold me accountable.

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