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Hey Everybody!

So as the title of this post suggests my wise, and very beautiful, bff Brianna thought it was quite amusing that I attempted to commit myself to daily posts.  What can I say…she knows me better than I know myself.  Well this time I am going to take her advice and attempt to change the 30 Day Challenge to the 30 week challenge lol.  That is to say I am going to stick with the topics and the direction but she gently reminded me that a weekly post was a more reasonable commitment.  So…thanks Nana.

A few quick updates:

  • Never made it to Houston.  During my connection in Phoenix, AZ the airport in Houston canceled all flights due to a “predicted” 3 inches of snow.  Needless-to-say I was frustrated and a little confused.  I am beginning to wonder if I will mesh well with Houston lifestyle and attitude.
  • Full steam ahead on the thesis.  I have a set date to defend!!!! April 13th.  Normally I wouldn’t get excited about this because my thesis dates tend to shift, but I was put into a schedule that was sent SCHOOL WIDE!  I think my advisor has to stick with it now.
  • I believe there is a Colorado Avs hockey game in the very near future.
  • My thesis topic was accepted to a dietetic conference in Chicago, IL for March 11th.  Again, I wonderful honor and opportunity but now….more travel and preparation are needed.
  • I am DONE DONE DONE with internship applications!!!! Nothing feels better.  Now I am holding my breath until April 2nd.
  • New favorite few songs from the Jane Dear Girls and Hayes Carll.
  • My Food and Culture class is rocking my world.  In a great way.  I have been giving a lot of thought to a few life directions in my life and I am reading a ton.  I’ve always enjoyed learning more.

Week #2 – A picture with the person who makes your favorite feel-good meal

My step-dad, Mark (with my mom 🙂

Haller to all the great mom cooks out there!!!  My mom is an awesome cook but she is not the winner of this honor.  My step-dad Mark makes the most AMAZING eggplant parmesan in the world.  Hands-down my favor home-cooked meal.  Its even one of those recipes where he literally read me the directions and helped me over the phone and my dish came out so gross.  But something about his talent with this dish…..mmmm.  I might have to con him into making it again soon. (when I was away during undergrad he made it almost everytime I came home….those where the days lol).


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Seriously, who sets up a post series like that and then doesn’t post for a few days.  Again I’m gonna blame grad school (wonder what I am going to do when I no longer have grad school to blame my slowness on?).  This week has been crazy.  My classes are in full swing which is meaning a lot of grading lately.  I am also doing a guest lecture at the hospital here in Laramie (3 total lectures) on physical activity and how it can help control and eliminate type 2 diabetes.  I am super excited and it was an honor to be asked (even though I secretly love talking about the nutritional side of diabetes more).  But as with most wonderful things in life they always happen in the same 2 week span.

I am also packing for Houston as I type.  I have never been before but the dietetic internship I am most interested is having an open house, so I am going to go win them over with my personality and smile 🙂  I also have one of my best friends from high school down there and I am SO excited to visit with here and meet her future MR!  So excited for her, but it is a bummer I will be missing the engagement party by a FEW HOURS!  Just my luck, but I’m lucky to be visiting at all this time of year.  Wait until you see the “plane list”, maybe I’ll post that tomorrow for you guys.

Ok, so I’m starting (seriously I am) and once I start this is a daily commitment.

Apple Cup with my amazing friend Amanda, we had to show Frank how it's done WAZZU style.

10 facts (exercise/food if possible)

  • My undergraduate degree was in dietetics/nutrition and my graduate degree (THIS MAY!) is in exercise science. (Bet it makes sense why I am obsessed with both now huh?)
  • I am dying to run in the Disney half marathon (can’t this year, too close to thesis due date) but you get to wear a pink tu-tu as you run.  AMAZING!!!
  • I love everything about being a Cougar and going to WSU was everything I wanted out of college BUT….running in the palouse (think very flat, rolling hills) doesn’t even compare to running with the view of the mountains in Laramie.
  • I could eat eggs at every single meal.  I love them every way they are prepared.  (I don’t eat them everyday, but I could)
  • I am a huge nerd when it comes to learning what the general public is hearing about nutrition (something a teacher once introduced) so I read the popular diet books and learn about trends online just so I know what they are learning as well.
  • I am really nervous about maybe moving to Houston during this summer for the dietetic internship.  I don’t do well in humidity, guess its time to buck up.
  • Cooking is relaxing for me, I love it.  It is hard for me to understand why people dread it.
  • I really want to learn how to grill better.  I don’t own a grill  now, but I want to purchase one and I love how things taste grilled.  I have no idea how to go about learning proper grilling.  Advice?
  • Zumba maybe the hardest workout I’ve ever made myself do.  Not in terms of effort but in terms of letting yourself look silly.  Jamie really wanted to go so I agreed and I am so glad I did.  We now work out and laugh for atleast 3 hours a week.
  • I was embarrassed in my class last night when my professor was talking about how American’s only spend 1/4 of their extra income on food.  (I easily spend 50% or more)  But after thinking about it a little more eating new/good tasting food makes me happy, and I enjoy it and lets face it I’ll never change.  🙂

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