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That is what I should be getting.  If I would have been a tad bit brighter I would have signed up for them before starting college.  I’ve traveled all over the US and I have no goodies to show for it…damn! 🙂

I am currently taking a small study break to write this post and finish up my grading from the weekend.  I only have 35 more days of grading ad answering snotty emails and I could not be more thrilled.  Teaching WAS NOT meant for me.  I enjoy people one-on-one but putting me infront of 20 students who don’t care is the fastest way to watch me go crazy.

I have one mid-term tomorrow then I’m off to pick up my poster (no type-os PLEASE!!!!) and pack.  By 3:30 Thursday I plan to be on my way down to Boulder to get a yummy dinner and an early bedtime for my 3:00am wakeup on Friday inorder to make my 6:15am flight to Chicago (UGG!)

But after that I am on to sun and more relaxing times  🙂

Week#4 – picture of your meal from today

At the risk of being repetitive…..I LOVE EGGS!  I had some for breakfast this morning after I got  home from the dentist ( i love that clean feeling, if I am ever a millionaire I may schedule mini-cleanings every few weeks).

My favorite way to eat eggs with over-easy with some spice and a toasted something (usually an english muffin).  And it was yummy.

Interesting side note:  I had a teacher during my undergrad that was adamant about eggs being the cheapest, complete food available.  This is the most bang for your buck.  I would have to agree.  Eggs fill me up, their are cheap, and it is one of my main sources of protein.  YUM YUM.  Eggs got a bad rap for a long time when people first became aware of cholesterol and it is true, egg yolks do have a lot of cholesterol.  That being said if someone is careful about the rest of their diet as well (lower meat consumption) they should be just fine.


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Right On Track!!!!

Look everyone….I’m making my weekly post ON TIME!!!!  May not be a big deal to you all but dang, I am getting my butt in gear.

Week #3 – A picture of the star from your favorite food show

This was a hard on for me.  I enjoy the Food Network so much (check out their magazine for some of the best recipes).  All of the show have great chefs who make amazing meals, but honestly most of their shows are too hard for me to watch.  But one that I can watch…

Alton Brown

His show is very entertaining and a learning tool as well.  He actually has no formal training to be a chef, his education is in film production (which if you watch his show you’ll understand).  But he was working for a TV food show and was bored to tears with their presentation, told everyone he could do better, and the rest is history.  He makes great food, you’ll learn history/science/trivia, and its pretty funny.

But….if I am to choose my favorite chef it would be…..

Jamie Oliver

His food is so good, but his show is not so entertaining.  I love his cookbooks.  The food is interesting, simple ingredients, and his is a huge supporter of healthy living and eating.


As for me I have an Colorado Avalanche game this weekend!!!!

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