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I back to the world!  I passed my defense and have turned in all the pieces of my thesis to the school.  This is the most wonderful, strangest feeling I’ve had in a long time.  For something to take up the majority of every single day and then be finished…..its like you are always missing something.  But its a feeling I am willing to undertake.

I owe a few posts….

Week #5 – food memory

Lobster Pasta

One of my greatest food memories involves a conference in Baltimore last spring.  After a long day of meetings my travel group and I asked a few locals where they would get dinner so we could avoid the tourist traps.  A small restaurant was recommended.  We were a bit worried when the entrance was in the ally and there wasn’t even a sign.  But through the front door was heaven.  The menu was amazing, the atmosphere intimate, and the chef even came out multiple times to visit with us and get our input.  He liked us so much he brought out a compliment ice cream platter with strange flavors such as: blueberry with pop rocks, avocado and curry, and spicy mango.

The food was so wonderful we actually went there again on our last night in town.  Yes that’s right, four nights and two of them we spend multiple hours in the same restaurant.

Week #6 – Food travel and place

Must Bring Chips

Two years ago a few friends and I traveled on a cruise down to Ensinada, Mexico.  All-in-all it was a very disappointing port of call (with the exception of a wonderful ring purchase)  but we did pay for a special make your own lunch.  This crazy, loud, chef came out and we made our own guac and salsa and tacos.  The food was simple, fresh, and fun.  We sipped fruity drinks and enjoyed great food.

Week #7 – True Self


So to put it simply, I love laughing and I love having fun with family and friends.  I also love food but showing everyone a picture of me stuffing my face didn’t seem to appealing.

Week #8 – Food I’d love to try

Moroccan Food

Middle Eastern food has never been my favorite but I had a dinner made by a friend of mine and Indian food made authentic is much better.  Recent research and pictures into the Moroccan food make my mouth water.  Any food made from those kinds of fresh foods and all the variety of spices has to be wonderful.


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