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I love the PINK one!

Today marks the very large purchase of new laptop for me.  While I know it is necessary to have a well-working, portable computer for my internship and then eventually my job…I have such a hard time coughing up this kind of money every 5 years or so.  Even if your computer is doing well after 5 years the chances that the technology within that computer is up-to-date is almost zero.

But if we are going to focus on the positive (which I choose to do quite frequently) the computer is pink! and I am getting a good deal on it by having my step-dad buy it through his work and I am no longer a college student.  What do I mean by this?  My computer will be traveling in a nice, soft computer bag this time, compared to running through the dorm halls, tossing it on beds, eating at late-night paper sessions.  I am hoping that my technology purchase this time will last a bit longer.


This was my weekend adventure.  The race is full of strong, self-driving, healthy women….and usually their children.  These children range from adults to even 6 year olds complete the race.  My mother and I started running this the summer after my freshman year of college.  I love sharing the experience with her.

My mom and I, however, are two very different kinds of runners.  When I am in shape (notice I did not say currently) I run relatively fast and pacing myself for distances about 10 miles is often hard for me.  My mom on the other hand is just above a jogger.  She runs about 9:30 mile but she can go FOREVER!!!!  Well none of that really mattered this time because I was not in shape.  I finished writing my thesis about three weeks ago now and I knew the race was coming.  I hit the gym and made sure I could complete at least a 9K (about 5.5 miles).  But on Sunday we were out by the beautiful reservoir, on the dirt running path and in 80 degree heat.  I did not train for any of that.  My legs were not conditioned for hills, loose dirt, or intense heat.  I was really frustrated with myself because my lungs felt fine by my legs weighed about 5,000,000,000 pounds!

Again, choosing to look on the positive.  It was a great workout, I got past that horrible “get back out there” day, and now I want to remember how I felt so that it drives me to get back into shape.

🙂  the things we do for our mommies.  I’d do anything for mine.

Question of the day: What is the most frustrating, but necessary, purchase in your life?  I would imagine there are some in life I haven’t even encountered yet…like diapers?


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