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So, allow me to tell you all a story of what should be a simple Sunday night dinner.

Chapter 1: Getting off my butt

      Now, notice I did not call it my lazy butt.  The entire reason I wanted to stay on my butt was because of a long bike ride and an even longer cardio session of Insanity.  But alas, I was all out of food so leaving the house holding cell.  Now I also considered just going through the drive-thru sub shop and forgetting about the rest of the week.  Which brings us to chapter 2……

Chapter 2: Fighting the urge to use convenience foods when I have no kitchen

    This title is also a little deceiving.  There is a kitchen in this place for me to use, but it is not mine.  And contrary to what people tell you, I don’t like sharing.  I like things clean and my way and I really really really wanna use my things.  So…..it is incredibly tempting to fall back on convenience foods to take the stress away.  Another problem is that all of my food storage happens in a small beverage fridge.  Not so big, and also very unhelpful for my typical way of shopping which is to just stalk the freezer with everything that I love and make something up as I go.

Chapter 3: Thinking up something WONDERFUL!

    So I happened upon this wonderful idea in my head: BBQ Chicken Pizza!  Now I can take credit for thinking up how I would go about making this in a convenient way, but I actually didn’t even know I liked bbq chicken pizza until Frank had me try it with him.  I’m still pretty picky about it, but my version is one of my favorites.  So I set out to get a rotissarie chicken, bbq sauce, cheese and pizza dough.

Chapter 4: Wait!  What will I do with leftover chicken and bbq sauce?

    The reason this is a whole chapter is because of the small storage area I can’t just collect things and give it time for me to get rid of them.  And I HATE throwing food away, such a waste.   So, I actually have to have a plan to get ride of all of them.  So in a quick minute I think tortillas, feta, and spinach……bbq chicken wraps for lunch!!!  Boy oh boy will I be sick of bbq in a week. hehehe

Chapter 5:  Walk to the store, buy, and pay

    Oh wait, I didn’t bring a baking sheet.  Damn it!

As you can see it is a happy ending, but not without some stress and some serious brain power. **sigh**  At least after this experience I will have plenty of stories to assist clients and patients in overcoming their barriers.

Oh….it was YUMMY!


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I’m back world!!!!  I would apologize again, but I think it is sounding like a broken record at this point.  But always choosing to focus on the postitive………….I have so much to catch everyone up on.

The greatest news is getting into a Dietetic Internship!!  For those of you who have followed along with me over the last six years, or anyone who has experienced the process, THIS IS A BIG DEAL!  I think the greatest part is the I would have taken anything that was offered but the option that came is a great fit.  A great fit for my life right now and for my interests in the dietetic profession.  I plan to make the most of this wonderful experience. 

There are so many fun plans for this summer and I will try my hardest to capture them in photos.  (I am becoming more sentimental by the day).  In fact I am already kicking myself for not a single picture from this lovely weekend with Nana.  She is such a wonderful friend and came to my rescue as I am trying to adjust to the change in my life. 

More to come, I just felt like  I needed something on here that was relevent.

Oh…..the computer is wonderful  🙂

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