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A bit of an Update

Ok…..so I am calling a cow a cow.  I love reading my blogs, checking in on friends to see how life is going….I suck at updating mine.  I do feel bad.  So I think until I get myself in a steady pattern (probably once extra school work is over) we are all just gonna have to be happy with updates.  Here goes:

  • I am loving my internship in Sheridan.  Scratch that.  I am loving working with my preceptor and learning all the new things there are to learn, and I really think I am going to love being a dietitian…..I am so over school and I hate all the work that goes into keeping up with an internship. 😦
  • Going to bed at 10pm when the sun is just barely down is really really sad 😦  (anyone else miss those lazy summer days where you went to bed anytime you wanted because you could sleep in as much as you wanted?)
  • I bought my first Scentsy Pot!!!!  Everyone I know has one of these things.  The small wall plug ins are only $20 so I bit the bullet and bought a super cute one.
  • I am finally running regularly again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yea to no more graduate school
  • And on that note…..I recieved my diploma in the mail  I OFFICIALLY GRADUATED WITH MY MASTER’S
  • I have a GINORMOUS 4th of July weekend planned….stories to come
  • And  I can’t leave you without a bit of nutrition news:

The Pyramid is OUT, the Plate is IN!!!!

I have to admit…I am a HUGE fan of the change.  I feel like the plate is so much more visually friendly and also spans many different levels of literacy (which is really needed when trying to teach all people about healthy eating.  On a personal note, the dietetic world EXPLODED when it happened.  I really think we should embrace this and encourage more reader friendly versions of nutrition tools. 

Oh and if you are around me and I talk about this….get used to it.  I am pretty obsessed with telling everyone.  The government programs have never and will never be perfect but I am so excited about steps in the right direction. 

Any thoughts on this change?


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