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I really don’t know how it is possible for me to read “my blogs” almost everyday and neglect my own for A YEAR!!  But…that’s just the thing, it doesn’t have to make sense but it has happened.  To tell the truth, I have been toying with the idea of a new blog.  Eeekk!

I know what you are thinking (that is, if there is still anyone who checks this anymore after my neglect).  Why would a girl who can’t commit to a blog about nothing start ANOTHER blog?  Well I think that is my problem.  I don’t have anything to blog about.

There is no husband, children, family to update people on (I adore my friends who update with blogs so that those of us far away can watch the babies grow).  My focus has been on becoming a dietitian for SO LONG that it consumes every aspect of my life.  Don’t worry I am aware of how unhealthy that is. But it’s true.

And I would just fill these pages with billions of my opinions on how you should be the healthiest you can be…….but there are all these professional, legal rules about giving nutrition advice before get certified as a Registered Dietitian.  Because of this I have tried to keep my opinions and advice to a minimum (well at least on here, just ask my friends I talk about this stuff ALL. THE. TIME.).

So, I think a new blog is in the works and hopefully I will have direction and purpose with it after this Fall.

Until then, an update:

  • I moved to South Dakota!  And stayed!
  • I have completed all of my internship hours and assignements…this means the only thing standing in my way is the Registered Dietetics Exam.
  • I am determined to take and pass this test before I turn 26!  No one better try to stand in my way or change the plans.
  • Because of this I study every waking minute I am not working.
  • Feels sureal to almost be a Dietitian.  This has been an unbelievably long journey.
  • My baby brother is in COLLEGE!  I am still having trouble grasping that.
  • My first Thanksgiving away from Wyoming is taking place this month.  (Hint: GO COUGS!)

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