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I really don’t know how it is possible for me to read “my blogs” almost everyday and neglect my own for A YEAR!!  But…that’s just the thing, it doesn’t have to make sense but it has happened.  To tell the truth, I have been toying with the idea of a new blog.  Eeekk!

I know what you are thinking (that is, if there is still anyone who checks this anymore after my neglect).  Why would a girl who can’t commit to a blog about nothing start ANOTHER blog?  Well I think that is my problem.  I don’t have anything to blog about.

There is no husband, children, family to update people on (I adore my friends who update with blogs so that those of us far away can watch the babies grow).  My focus has been on becoming a dietitian for SO LONG that it consumes every aspect of my life.  Don’t worry I am aware of how unhealthy that is. But it’s true.

And I would just fill these pages with billions of my opinions on how you should be the healthiest you can be…….but there are all these professional, legal rules about giving nutrition advice before get certified as a Registered Dietitian.  Because of this I have tried to keep my opinions and advice to a minimum (well at least on here, just ask my friends I talk about this stuff ALL. THE. TIME.).

So, I think a new blog is in the works and hopefully I will have direction and purpose with it after this Fall.

Until then, an update:

  • I moved to South Dakota!  And stayed!
  • I have completed all of my internship hours and assignements…this means the only thing standing in my way is the Registered Dietetics Exam.
  • I am determined to take and pass this test before I turn 26!  No one better try to stand in my way or change the plans.
  • Because of this I study every waking minute I am not working.
  • Feels sureal to almost be a Dietitian.  This has been an unbelievably long journey.
  • My baby brother is in COLLEGE!  I am still having trouble grasping that.
  • My first Thanksgiving away from Wyoming is taking place this month.  (Hint: GO COUGS!)

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It feels like I went to sleep in May and woke up and it’s September.  This summer has FLOWN by.  I have enjoyed my internship experience and I loved my preceptor, but I am SO excited to be done for awhile.  I officially finished my last report of this rotation on Sunday!!!!!!!  And even though the paper work is slowing down nothing else will be.  So far I have planned:

  • FOOTBALL!  So much football it will make your head spin. 🙂  Frank and I bought season tickets to the Cowboys and he is coaching the Plainsmen again so I will be at almost all of those games as well.  AND….most importantly the WSU Cougars will be playing the CU Buffs in October.  While I love Frank’s family I will be wearing my crimson & grey while I cheer on my favorite time of all time.
  • Hopefully a job and I also have multiple volunteer opportunities.  Gotta make that resume shine!!
  • My tonsils will be removed 😦  🙂  this deserves two different emotions.  On one hand I am so excited to have them out because they cause me so much trouble but on the other it’s gonna hurt.
  • Completing 4 classes without really being in the classes.  Kinda screwy but basically I have to read the books and pass exams for 4 courses.
  • Sleep!!!
  • Make lots of yummy food.  I feel so lost without a proper kitchen

    Graduation! (May)

Cheyenne Frontier Days (July)


Brianna lol, had to feature her. (July, but really, all the time)

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A bit of an Update

Ok…..so I am calling a cow a cow.  I love reading my blogs, checking in on friends to see how life is going….I suck at updating mine.  I do feel bad.  So I think until I get myself in a steady pattern (probably once extra school work is over) we are all just gonna have to be happy with updates.  Here goes:

  • I am loving my internship in Sheridan.  Scratch that.  I am loving working with my preceptor and learning all the new things there are to learn, and I really think I am going to love being a dietitian…..I am so over school and I hate all the work that goes into keeping up with an internship. 😦
  • Going to bed at 10pm when the sun is just barely down is really really sad 😦  (anyone else miss those lazy summer days where you went to bed anytime you wanted because you could sleep in as much as you wanted?)
  • I bought my first Scentsy Pot!!!!  Everyone I know has one of these things.  The small wall plug ins are only $20 so I bit the bullet and bought a super cute one.
  • I am finally running regularly again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yea to no more graduate school
  • And on that note…..I recieved my diploma in the mail  I OFFICIALLY GRADUATED WITH MY MASTER’S
  • I have a GINORMOUS 4th of July weekend planned….stories to come
  • And  I can’t leave you without a bit of nutrition news:

The Pyramid is OUT, the Plate is IN!!!!

I have to admit…I am a HUGE fan of the change.  I feel like the plate is so much more visually friendly and also spans many different levels of literacy (which is really needed when trying to teach all people about healthy eating.  On a personal note, the dietetic world EXPLODED when it happened.  I really think we should embrace this and encourage more reader friendly versions of nutrition tools. 

Oh and if you are around me and I talk about this….get used to it.  I am pretty obsessed with telling everyone.  The government programs have never and will never be perfect but I am so excited about steps in the right direction. 

Any thoughts on this change?

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So, allow me to tell you all a story of what should be a simple Sunday night dinner.

Chapter 1: Getting off my butt

      Now, notice I did not call it my lazy butt.  The entire reason I wanted to stay on my butt was because of a long bike ride and an even longer cardio session of Insanity.  But alas, I was all out of food so leaving the house holding cell.  Now I also considered just going through the drive-thru sub shop and forgetting about the rest of the week.  Which brings us to chapter 2……

Chapter 2: Fighting the urge to use convenience foods when I have no kitchen

    This title is also a little deceiving.  There is a kitchen in this place for me to use, but it is not mine.  And contrary to what people tell you, I don’t like sharing.  I like things clean and my way and I really really really wanna use my things.  So…..it is incredibly tempting to fall back on convenience foods to take the stress away.  Another problem is that all of my food storage happens in a small beverage fridge.  Not so big, and also very unhelpful for my typical way of shopping which is to just stalk the freezer with everything that I love and make something up as I go.

Chapter 3: Thinking up something WONDERFUL!

    So I happened upon this wonderful idea in my head: BBQ Chicken Pizza!  Now I can take credit for thinking up how I would go about making this in a convenient way, but I actually didn’t even know I liked bbq chicken pizza until Frank had me try it with him.  I’m still pretty picky about it, but my version is one of my favorites.  So I set out to get a rotissarie chicken, bbq sauce, cheese and pizza dough.

Chapter 4: Wait!  What will I do with leftover chicken and bbq sauce?

    The reason this is a whole chapter is because of the small storage area I can’t just collect things and give it time for me to get rid of them.  And I HATE throwing food away, such a waste.   So, I actually have to have a plan to get ride of all of them.  So in a quick minute I think tortillas, feta, and spinach……bbq chicken wraps for lunch!!!  Boy oh boy will I be sick of bbq in a week. hehehe

Chapter 5:  Walk to the store, buy, and pay

    Oh wait, I didn’t bring a baking sheet.  Damn it!

As you can see it is a happy ending, but not without some stress and some serious brain power. **sigh**  At least after this experience I will have plenty of stories to assist clients and patients in overcoming their barriers.

Oh….it was YUMMY!

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I’m back world!!!!  I would apologize again, but I think it is sounding like a broken record at this point.  But always choosing to focus on the postitive………….I have so much to catch everyone up on.

The greatest news is getting into a Dietetic Internship!!  For those of you who have followed along with me over the last six years, or anyone who has experienced the process, THIS IS A BIG DEAL!  I think the greatest part is the I would have taken anything that was offered but the option that came is a great fit.  A great fit for my life right now and for my interests in the dietetic profession.  I plan to make the most of this wonderful experience. 

There are so many fun plans for this summer and I will try my hardest to capture them in photos.  (I am becoming more sentimental by the day).  In fact I am already kicking myself for not a single picture from this lovely weekend with Nana.  She is such a wonderful friend and came to my rescue as I am trying to adjust to the change in my life. 

More to come, I just felt like  I needed something on here that was relevent.

Oh…..the computer is wonderful  🙂

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I love the PINK one!

Today marks the very large purchase of new laptop for me.  While I know it is necessary to have a well-working, portable computer for my internship and then eventually my job…I have such a hard time coughing up this kind of money every 5 years or so.  Even if your computer is doing well after 5 years the chances that the technology within that computer is up-to-date is almost zero.

But if we are going to focus on the positive (which I choose to do quite frequently) the computer is pink! and I am getting a good deal on it by having my step-dad buy it through his work and I am no longer a college student.  What do I mean by this?  My computer will be traveling in a nice, soft computer bag this time, compared to running through the dorm halls, tossing it on beds, eating at late-night paper sessions.  I am hoping that my technology purchase this time will last a bit longer.


This was my weekend adventure.  The race is full of strong, self-driving, healthy women….and usually their children.  These children range from adults to even 6 year olds complete the race.  My mother and I started running this the summer after my freshman year of college.  I love sharing the experience with her.

My mom and I, however, are two very different kinds of runners.  When I am in shape (notice I did not say currently) I run relatively fast and pacing myself for distances about 10 miles is often hard for me.  My mom on the other hand is just above a jogger.  She runs about 9:30 mile but she can go FOREVER!!!!  Well none of that really mattered this time because I was not in shape.  I finished writing my thesis about three weeks ago now and I knew the race was coming.  I hit the gym and made sure I could complete at least a 9K (about 5.5 miles).  But on Sunday we were out by the beautiful reservoir, on the dirt running path and in 80 degree heat.  I did not train for any of that.  My legs were not conditioned for hills, loose dirt, or intense heat.  I was really frustrated with myself because my lungs felt fine by my legs weighed about 5,000,000,000 pounds!

Again, choosing to look on the positive.  It was a great workout, I got past that horrible “get back out there” day, and now I want to remember how I felt so that it drives me to get back into shape.

🙂  the things we do for our mommies.  I’d do anything for mine.

Question of the day: What is the most frustrating, but necessary, purchase in your life?  I would imagine there are some in life I haven’t even encountered yet…like diapers?

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I back to the world!  I passed my defense and have turned in all the pieces of my thesis to the school.  This is the most wonderful, strangest feeling I’ve had in a long time.  For something to take up the majority of every single day and then be finished…..its like you are always missing something.  But its a feeling I am willing to undertake.

I owe a few posts….

Week #5 – food memory

Lobster Pasta

One of my greatest food memories involves a conference in Baltimore last spring.  After a long day of meetings my travel group and I asked a few locals where they would get dinner so we could avoid the tourist traps.  A small restaurant was recommended.  We were a bit worried when the entrance was in the ally and there wasn’t even a sign.  But through the front door was heaven.  The menu was amazing, the atmosphere intimate, and the chef even came out multiple times to visit with us and get our input.  He liked us so much he brought out a compliment ice cream platter with strange flavors such as: blueberry with pop rocks, avocado and curry, and spicy mango.

The food was so wonderful we actually went there again on our last night in town.  Yes that’s right, four nights and two of them we spend multiple hours in the same restaurant.

Week #6 – Food travel and place

Must Bring Chips

Two years ago a few friends and I traveled on a cruise down to Ensinada, Mexico.  All-in-all it was a very disappointing port of call (with the exception of a wonderful ring purchase)  but we did pay for a special make your own lunch.  This crazy, loud, chef came out and we made our own guac and salsa and tacos.  The food was simple, fresh, and fun.  We sipped fruity drinks and enjoyed great food.

Week #7 – True Self


So to put it simply, I love laughing and I love having fun with family and friends.  I also love food but showing everyone a picture of me stuffing my face didn’t seem to appealing.

Week #8 – Food I’d love to try

Moroccan Food

Middle Eastern food has never been my favorite but I had a dinner made by a friend of mine and Indian food made authentic is much better.  Recent research and pictures into the Moroccan food make my mouth water.  Any food made from those kinds of fresh foods and all the variety of spices has to be wonderful.

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